Zodiac Journal (Printable PDF)

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PRINTABLE PDF (instant download)

  • Scalable size. Formatted to print 8.5x11" (letter) or smaller.
  • Includes note pages and art for all 12 zodiac signs
  • Plus 5 pages of basic astrological information

Also available in hardcover for each individual zodiac sign.

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Make this your go-to printable journal for stargazing, epiphanies, interpreting your horoscopes, and scribbling messages from your intuition.

With “just enough” zodiac art to keep your notes looking and feeling inspired, you’ll find magic and creativity every time you write.

  • 96+ note pages (8+ per zodiac sign) with small zodiac sign illustrations on one side
  • A birth chart art to fill in for yourself
  • Thirteen larger (or full-page) astrology illustrations
  • Five pages of beginner astrology & zodiac sign information
  • Gorgeous witchy astrology art and theme