Litha Special Edition Printable PDF

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Coloring Book of Shadows: Litha Sabbat Special Edition PDF. Add this gorgeous set of printable Litha pages to your grimoire or BOS.

Litha, also known as "Midsummer" or the Summer Solstice, marks the longest day of the year. It is an ancient seasonal celebration of the sun’s full strength, and you can use this sun-power to cast spells and rituals to improve your life and feel the full power of your own magic.

• Includes 10 written Litha spells and rituals + lots of "mini" spells and inspiration.
• Illustrated Litha note pages and space to add your own spells and notes.
• Litha correspondences, symbolism, and tarot ideas.
• Inspiration for Litha food, snacks, and kitchen witchery.
Approximately 45 pages total.

This is a compilation of pages collected from previous works by Amy Cesari/Coloring Book of Shadows. You may already have some of these if you own Amy's older books such as: Hedge Witchery, Wheel of the Year, Cottage Witch, Magical Year, Witch's Alchemy, or the older Litha "specials."  
This magical set of pages will inspire your Litha grimoire, sabbat crafts, and rituals for years to come.

PRINTABLE PDF — Download only. No returns. Thanks!