Cottage Witch Grimoire & Book of Spells (Paperback)

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Want to find more magic in everyday life? Discover the power of cottage witchcraft with this guided grimoire and book of spells. A different kind of spell book, Cottage Witch is a coloring book to explore magic through daily rituals like food, crafts, gardening, and creating sacred space at home.

This book will lead you on a cottage witch’s journey through the seasons, moon cycles, and other practices that can take your craft to the next level. The spells are simple and powerful, and the illustrations and symbolism will inspire you to feel the power of your magic every day. 


• Kitchen Witchcraft & Practical Magic
• Elemental Divination & Tarot Spreads
• Green Witchcraft & Garden Magic
• Herbal Spells & Magical Correspondences
• Moon Spells and Seasonal Sabbat rituals

  • 8.5" x 11" paperback
  • Premium 70# paper
  • Printed double-sided on the page
  • 160+ illustrated pages